Hot Skillet Appetizer & Dip Class - November 24 from noon-3:30pm

Hot Skillet Appetizer & Dip Class - November 24 from noon-3:30pm

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Dip. Dip. Hurrah!

Kickoff time has changed to 7:20pm
~Do to this change, there will be no game viewing area inside Garver for this event.
~Sorry for any broken hearts on this!~

The Packers play 49’ers for an away game, and we find that to be reason enough to tailgate Lambeau styles outside before the game. 

This outdoor cooking class meets by the wood fires at Garver to learn how to make cast iron tailgate appetizers & cheddar brats with Chef Matt Heindl and our friends at the Underground Food Collective.

We’ll kickoff our tailgate by cooking brats on a cast iron griddle & and learn how to turn artisan sausages into main-course sandwiches, followed up with 3 simple appetizer recipes to snack on until the sun gets low.

The appetizer course includes baked potato croquettes dipped into a hot spinach cream cheese dip and farmhouse bean dip made from scratch. 

This is not your standard tailgate experience. You will leave with a full belly before kickoff and some pro tips on how to be a cast iron grill guru at your next parking lot tailgate.