Open Fire Skillet Seasoning Class - November 16th from 12pm -3pm

Open Fire Skillet Seasoning Class - November 16th from 12pm -3pm

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Oh no! My cast iron pan is rusty!! What the heck should I do now?!

If you are as confused as the rest of America about how to approach cleaning, re-seasoning and maintenance on your favorite cast iron pan at home, we have your back.

This class is designed to debunk the fears and nay-saying about which oil, temperature, and method to use for seasoning and help you get comfortable about taking care of your pans at home. We’ll be lighting up our wood grills to show you our “cowboy seasoning” method of wood fired finishing process outside, and talk about all of the technical aspects of what you are looking for when you clean, prep and bring oil, iron & heat together for the ultimate refinishing surface on your cast iron pans.

Participants are invited to bring ONE piece of your own cast iron cookware to the class to achieve a new starter seasoning onto your pan. Participants take home an instructional sheet for future care and maintenance on cast iron cookware, and leave with a sense of relief knowing a little more about how to approach seasoning for their lifestyle and cast iron skillet use.